Saturday, 26 January 2013

sewing for me! Grainline tiny pocket tank no 1

Between a curtain for the bathroom and assorted business sewing, I finally squeezed in a little bit of sewing for me recently - yay!!!

So, onto my first Grainline pattern - The tiny pocket tank.

This is the wet-hair, new haircut look.

I've seen many versions of this, and the similar but not related Wiksten tank floating around sewing blog-land these last few months, and couldn't decide which to fork out for.  Both have great reviews, both are simple, fitted but loose (that makes no sense does it!?) tanks. I ended up choosing the Grainline one because of the bust darts - when you're as un-endowed as me a little fitting can be a very good thing :)

The Wiksten tank
Grainline's Tiny Pocket Tank - see my dilemma?

This first one (there will be more) was planned as a wearable muslin - made from lightweight cotton from the special table at Spotlight.  I cut a size 8 (raising the neckline one and a half inches), then extended it out to a 12 at the hips - even though it's not fitted, when I checked the measurements I needed the extra room to maintain the style.

There was a new (for me) way to do the binding at neck and armholes but I loved it - easy to do & gives a neat result with the neckline sitting flat against the body. Oh, and the tiny pocket - I like it, I think it makes it look like a top you'd see in the shops, but it needs to go higher on me. I was concentrating on pattern-matching so I didn't think to check if the placement dots were in the right place for me!

Off topic, but my hair is no way this dark (or long anymore) when dry.

Just what I wanted, a quick-make casual summer top, perfect for all these hot days we're having here. I'll make future ones a couple of inches longer but this one is long enough that I'll still wear it.  I can't wait to make some more, but will have to of course, market tables don't stock themselves!   

What do you think of the tank? Or have you made a Wiksten, or better yet, both? Do you find you slip yourself behind others in the prioritizing of your sewing or other activities? I'd love to hear, Shell.


  1. It looks great. Nice adjustments. I've made the Wiksten tank which I really like although the hem was a bit tricky to do given the curve... and I'll have to bring the neck up next time I think.

    1. aaah yes - I do like the curved hem, but hadn't thought about that, the more curved, the more tricky! Yes necks up is something I need to do almost as a matter of course!

  2. This looks great and fits nicely - cute colour too! I found I was always putting my knitting and sewing behind gift making for others and it was getting frustrating so I've just decided not to make gifts for a while. Maybe a little selfish but it was getting a bit embarrassing being a knitter and having no woollens to wear in winter!

    1. Not selfish at all, I think our hobbies should make us feel good. Sounds like a great plan - I had a really gifty sewing year last year, so this year I might mostly drop that for sewing clothes. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Super cute top - the colour is very fresh and great for summer! I love me a little tank top, but haven't tried the Wiksten...yet...J

    1. Thanks Judith, the Wiksten still looks interesting to me, but I'll stick with my Grainline.


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